Campaign Email Madness

I’m betting this has happened to you too — if you’ve made a campaign contribution to ANY candidate — even just one — you’ve just been added to 2 million email lists representing other candidates around the country of a similar affiliation, and you are now getting PUMMELED with emails from all of them, asking for money (you do have an unlimited supply of discretionary income to give to campaigns, don’t you?).

Hitting unsubscribe to any one of these emails is like playing whack-a-mole, since they all shrewdly come from different senders. On top of that, these emails are just ugly. And the appeals are tired. Everything is an urgent deadline, with the very future of the world hanging in the balance … unless you donate before midnight TONIGHT. To me, all this seems like really bad marketing strategy. Yet, this is SUCH common practice, I must assume (sadly) that the data analytics show that this highly annoying strategy actually works — people respond with donations more often when hit with this relentless torrent of cheesy emails, than with any other marketing strategy.

I’d write more here, but I have to get back to clicking unsubscribe from all these emails I never asked for.

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